Introducing Elevate (ELE)


ELE is unique because holders are rewarded with EVERY BLOCK and with EVERY TRANSACTION in ELE ecosystem.


There is 1% fee on every transaction(buy,sell, stake, unstake, transition from wallet to wallet). Half of that fee (0.5%) is burned, and the other half is redistributed among holders of token proportional to the amount of owned token in each wallet.

For example Peter have 1000 ELE tokens in his Metamask wallet. User X buys 10,000 of ELE on Uniswap. That transaction is automaticaly taxed with 1% fee meaning user X receives 9900 ELE tokens. These 100 ELE tokens are divided in half: 50 ELE is burned, and 50 ELE is redistributed among holders. If current total supply of ELE is for example 10,000,000, Peter gets 1,000 (his ELE ) / 10,000,000(total supply) share of that fee. So Peter gets 0.005 ELE from that transaction.


Ele has fixed 5,000,000 of new tokens released every year. New tokens are minted in every new block and redistributed to holders. That makes ELE inflationary token. When transaction volume reaches certain level (which is?), there will be more tokens burned than minted. Then ELE becomes deflationary and we can expect additional boost in price


You can stake your ELE or RFI tokens and receive additional rewards in ELE for locking your tokens. The lockup period is 15 days. The yields are astronomic – 550% for ELE and 130% for RFI pool.