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Increase slippage to around 2% and make sure to make the token a round number when buying/selling.

How do I stake RFI?

To earn the 1% RFI rewards all you need to do is hold the token in your wallet, you do not need to stake RFI to earn. Rewards are automatically sent to your wallet after every transaction that occurs.

Where does the 1% come from?

The 1% rewards are taken from every transaction automatically and dispersed across all RFI holders proportionality.

What is the total supply? Can it be increased?

The total supply for RFI is 10,000,000 and cannot be increased.

Was there a pre-sale for RFI?

The RFI smart contract is complete at launch. There was no ICO, no pre-sale, and no fundraising of any kind. There are no more features to add. There is no individual or team to be relied upon to give RFI any value.

How much of the RFI supply is circulating?

The entire supply of RFI is circulating. There are no reserved dev funds or anything of that nature.

Why can’t I see my rewards?

Due to the token reward mechanics and the transactionless nature, some wallets may cache your balance but don’t worry you will be getting rewards. If you don’t see your balance change after some time try refreshing your wallet or viewing your address on Etherscan.

What is the RFI Blackhole?

The blackhole is the Ethereum burn address where 445k RFI tokens were sent. These tokens are out of circulation, but the address continues to earn fees with each transaction which means the blackhole consumes more fees and gets larger over time.

How does the Blackhole benefit RFI?

The blackhole benefits RFI as it is a deflationary mechanism that effectively removes RFI token from circulation on every transaction.